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ADKL Labs is underpinned by a highly skilled team of experts with decades of experience in synthetic organic chemistry, analytical instrumentation and compound elucidation.
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Chemistry Services

Chemistry services, including custom synthesis/chemistry projects, unknowns isolation and identification.

Analytical Services

The technology and techniques available within our organisation as well as the expertise within our team.

Supply Partners

Our distribution partners includes Asynt, Chemglass Life Sciences and Vector Labs
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25+ Years Of Experience
ADKL Labs offer expertise on a variety of platforms, pathways and strategies. Our team is committed to applying our experience to solving the chemistry needs for our clients.
Australian Based CRO Services
Our team offer drug design and custom synthetic chemistry services with structural elucidation, characterisation and impurity analysis.
ADKL Labs Analytical Services and Chemical Supply
Our team house a variety of equipment for accurate characterisation. With our extensive knowledge and background in the chemical sciences, ADKL Labs can provide access to many services and over 120,000 chemicals.
ADKL Labs Reverse Engineering Services
Our team can help confirm formula composition through analysis and quantification of constituents.

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    The Candidate List of substances of very high concern has expanded

    In January the European Chemicals Agency expanded the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC). Four hazardous chemicals were added to the Candidate List, which now c

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