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ADKL Labs is an Australian contract research organisation (CRO) specialising in drug design, custom synthesis, analytical method development, and reverse engineering. We offer our client-specific services by working directly with chemists to support areas of lead design of target compounds.

Our distribution arm for Shimadzu Scientific Instruments allows our clients access to the latest instrument demonstrations and solution packages. Our company is situated in North Melbourne and is managed under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.

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Through the highly-skilled in-house team of experts, ADKL Labs identifies the exact needs of each client and provides an outcome that meets their requirements. By applying thorough organisational rigor and industry best practices an individually tailored service generates the highest quality results.
The ADKL Labs team takes pride in producing specialised results to a high quality. There is a general trend towards standardising the testing solutions on offer by major laboratories. We understand this stems from a need to streamline internal workflows and maintain rapid production timelines for high-throughput analyses. The ADKL Labs team recognise that not all testing requirements can be standardised and bespoke needs exist. As a result we aim to offer a highly consultative solution that aims to understand the needs of our client.
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Founded in 2016
ADKL Labs is underpinned by a highly skilled team of experts with decades of experience in synthetic organic chemistry, analytical instrumentation and compound elucidation.

The ADKL Labs team have directly been involved with the development of multiple novel therapeutic targets including, treatments for inflammatory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, therapeutics targeting metabolic and pulmonary diseases, peptidomimetic drug development, second-generation integrase inhibitors as potential AIDS treatment and many more!
With a prove track record in strategic planning and support, the ADKL Labs team have helped facilitate technology transfer of intellectual property born out of research, as well as establish new laboratory facilities and corporate offices. The team has helped commercialise an innovative synthesis of non-natural amino acids, along with participating in development of the Versatile Assembly on Stable Templates (VAST) technology platform. VAST allows for rapid, semi-automatic, and simple synthesis of complex 3D-molecules from natural carbohydrate building blocks, and the team is proficient in the synthesis of small molecules through to peptides.

Possessing vast experience in analytical techniques for compound elucidation allows ADKL Labs to provide a multitude of analytical and technical services. Specialised knowledge across multiple platforms enables our team to contribute to world class research and improve commercial viability by delivering innovative methods and technologies to improve experiments being undertaken. With high-level training and years of experience in multiple forms of analytical instrumentation, ADKL Labs can provide expert services, assistance and training with HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMSD, HRAM, NMR, LC-NMR and many more techniques.

The ADKL Labs team have accumulated many years of experience in the development of analytical techniques for the separation, isolation and structural elucidation of impurities and unknown compounds of interest. The combination of expertise within our team enables efficient deployment of complimentary techniques to build scientific reasoning behind the complete identification and characterization necessary for a confident result. In many cases a single, generic analytical technique and method is insufficient and our team always consider the utility of complimentary techniques. Through consultation with our clients we aim to implement the most informative, relevant and accurate techniques to see the whole picture.