Chemical Testing and Chemical Analysis

Chemical Composition Analysis

For chemical composition analysis we use laboratory technique that involves determining the elemental and molecular makeup of a substance. This process often employs various analytical methods, such as NMR spectroscopy, chromatography, and mass spectrometry, to identify and quantify the specific components present in a sample. The results of chemical composition analysis provide valuable information about the composition and purity of substances, aiding in quality control, research, and various industrial applications

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Reverse Engineering of Formulations

Reverse engineering and deformulation of chemical formulations involve the systematic process of breaking down and analyzing a product to understand its composition and manufacturing methods.

This investigative approach often includes techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, chromatography, and other analytical methods to identify and quantify the ingredients in a formulation.
By unraveling the components and their proportions, researchers can gain insights into the product's formulation, allowing them to replicate or modify it for various purposes, such as product improvement, quality control, or competitive analysis.

This process is particularly valuable in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, where understanding and replicating formulations can be crucial for innovation and regulatory compliance.

Instrumentation services and Method Development

Through many years of experience within the industry and we operate under ISO9001:2015 Accreditation, our team has developed specialised skills in a variety of analytical techniques.

In addition to qualitative structural elucidation, we offer quantitative analysis of various component mixtures, as well as unknown impurity investigation and many standard (general) analyses.

The analytical techniques employed by our team will vary according to client needs and the type of outcomes desired. Oftentimes a consultative approach at the beginning of a project will help to identify complimentary techniques that are more informative than a standard testing protocol. Our team employ a variety of equipment for accurate characterisation and our fleet of instruments is continuously expanding to meet the needs of our clients and offer the best technology available. We are focused on generating the most complete, best quality results in order to report the full picture when undertaking a project with our clients.

A representative list of techniques employed by our team is shown below:​
HPLC with DAD / UV
Separate, identify and quantify compounds with a chromophore
Addition of mass spectral data to the HPLC resolved compounds of interest improves molecular specificity and detection sensitivity
LC-Time of Flight (Accurate Mass)
For accurate mass characterisation of compounds of interest up to approximately 2000 amu (small molecules)
GC with FID / TCD
Separate, identify and quantify volatile compounds
Addition of mass spectral data to the GC resolved compounds of interest improves molecular specificity and detection sensitivity
NMR spectroscopy
Provides electronic structure of a molecule and its individual functional group

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