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What We Do?

ADKL Labs provide insights beyond the analytical perspective. Through their years of experience in drug design, synthetic organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, analytical techniques and instrumentation, ADKL Labs offer expertise on a variety of platforms, pathways and strategies.

The team at ADKL Labs have many years experience within the medicinal chemistry industry, specifically in the area of lead design and synthesis (structure and fragment-based). Our team is committed to applying our experience to solving the synthetic chemistry needs of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to investigate or improve existing synthetic pathways as well as guide the development of new synthetic pathways. With many years of experience in the field, our team is well placed to offer insights and assist in the production of synthetic targets.

Organic syntheses require purity analysis, impurity analysis and structural elucidation for accurate and reliable characterisation of target compounds. Working within the industry has enabled the ADKL Labs team to build an expertise within the area of structural elucidation through the use of various spectrometric and spectroscopic instrumentation and techniques. Over the years our team has developed expertise in the synthesis, isolation and characterisation of a multitude of synthetic targets and chemical classes. Therefore, our team is uniquely positioned to offer synthetic chemistry services in tandem with structural elucidation, characterisation and purity/impurity analysis.

We offer:

Drug design and custom synthesis
  • Guide design of target compounds.
  • Relate targets to synthetic practicality.
  • Retrosynthetic impurity analysis and characterisation
  • Complimentary analytical techniques for complete characterisation
  • Chromatography (LC & GC), Mass Spectrometry, NMR and IR
  • Specialised organic synthesis (development, pilot and scale-up)
  • Small scale investigative synthetic targets
  • Multi-step synthetic pathways
  • Development of synthetic scale-up programs
  • Method development (HPLC, LCMSD, GC, GCMSD)
  • Guide development of conditions, detector optimisation and processing
  • Compound (unknown) identification
  • Chromatographic isolation and purification
  • Purification
  • Structural elucidation
  • Synthetic pathway optimisation and consulting
  • Iterative optimisation
  • Workflow analysis and troubleshooting
  • One of our favorite molecules, the synthesis of caffeine from dimethylurea and ethyl cyanoacetate!

    Support to ensure a project

    Over the years our ADKL Labs team have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, across a range of critical disciplines. With many years of experience in the below fields the ADKL Labs team is able to guide and support successful startup formation through an incubator environment. Having access to multiple services located on site enables a focused, centralised startup to minimise outsourcing while maximising resources.

    ​Our team can guide the implementation and successful adoption of strategies in:
    Precise and careful consideration of occupational health and safety requirements, storage and disposal of chemicals/waste
    Training in the handling of reagents, instruments and equipment
    Synthetic workflows and setup protocols
    Purification strategies - ranging from re-crystallization, extractions, solid phase extraction, flash chromatography, automated flash chromatography/fraction collection, mass-triggered fraction collection and more
    Identification of intermediate, final and degradation products - the range of techniques available on site include HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS and more
    Characterisation of target compounds and impurities - interpretation of complex data requires experience and expertise to understand effectively

    Insights beyond the analytical perspective.

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