Dragan Krsta

Executive Director, Business Development Manager
Dragan Krsta studied and worked in Medicinal Chemistry, before joining an instrument vendor (Agilent Technologies) as an application scientist. Dragan spent 8 years working with various analytical equipment, focused on chromatography and mass spectrometry systems. His background in synthetic organic chemistry complimented his role in the development of analytical assays for applied markets, including environmental, forensics, clinical and pharmaceutical.

Additionally, Dragan was also involved heavily in the oil and gas industry for some years, developing process monitoring systems for the large-scale production of natural gas at newly built facilities across Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia. Since starting with ADKL Labs in 2019, Dragan has taken on the role of Business Development Manager. Due to his background and expertise, Dragan is also involved in the development of assays for the monitoring of reactions, products and impurities during the research and process development stages of projects undertaken by ADKL Labs.

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